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May 21, 2013
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Mizu No Gakuen : Rune by myneea Mizu No Gakuen : Rune by myneea
App for :iconmizu-no-gakuen: ~ ♥

★Name: Ahlberg Rune
★Age: 17
★Height: 1,72 m / 5'8"
★Weight: 67 kg / 147 lbs
★Year: Sophomore
★Main Swimming Style: Back Stroke

+ Arata
+ His family and friends
+ swimming
+ reading
+ collecting stamps,coins and postcards from different places
+ Ragmunk
+ dogs
+ cosplaying ( though he would never admit it )
+ dolphins

- ignorant people who don't listen
- loud people
- frogs orz
- rude people
- his red hair
- if someone stares at his body
- if people call him names
- lazy people

He's a bad loser , when he loses he's pissed...he wouldn't want to talk to anyone but he wouldn't blame anyone else but himself for it. He's bad at making friends, which doesn't mean he doesn't (secretly) wish some. His smile is creepy.(He's a sadist...if it comes to bed things and he's uke ...)
He may act like if he don't care often but he does... He's embarrassed about his body so he hates if someone eyeballs him so he would scold you if you do so.
It's actually not that difficult to convince him.
He was the best swimmer in his class but the least in the last competition in his school.
He's working very hard to improve his swimming skills but he feels like he doesn't improve at all...

Rune lived until he was 5 years old in an orphanage. He never mind not knowing his real parents. Since Rune alway was very quiet and shy no one wanted to befriended with him. Though no one did really mind him too. When he was 5 years old a couple which couldn't have children on their own adopted him. It took Rune a lot of time to get closer to his adoptive parents.They were almost worried if there was something wrong with their new child or if they were doing something wrong... Rune kinda noticed their concern and felt kinda ashamed because he wasn't able to be a good child to the parents who received him so lovingly. But he couldn't really ... express himself and his feelings ... Suddenly he felt overwhelmed with emotion that he cried... " I- I'm sorry , I-I'm a bad child ... " Rune cried and his parents comforted him... They felt a little relieved , not really knowing why... maybe because it was... very human of Rune to cry and that brought them closer to eachother. From that time they really felt like a family and Rune really liked his parents.

When he came to primary school he was still not able to make realationships with others. The other kids started teasing him mostly because of his red hair. They called him "Pumuckl", "Leprechaun" or "Carrothead". One time they put frogs in his clothes just for fun...He was really scared and everyone laughed at him. That's why he's afraid of frogs and dislikes them. Because of all that teasing he kinda became grumpy all the time. He disliked the other kids and ended up being alone. When he grew older the teasing stopped but the others were afraid of him cause he always looked pissed so he stayed isolated from everyone outside.
He still had a good relationship to his parents, and his parents were happy about that and they were proud of their son 'cause he got good grades but they were worried that their child has no friends...

When Rune got swimming lessons at school he started having fun... He felt free and he was faster than every other kid in his class, swimming became his passion... His parents noticed that too and send him to Mizu no Gakuen , not just because they wanted to support Rune but too because they hoped he would find friends there.


Kagome, Masanori
Kurusu, Sawa
Pierce, Ramen
Sakuragi, Minori
Kimura, Souji
Mai, BaoXing
Tayuki, Noel
Benedetti, Leon
Neumann, Alphonse
Matrix, Arata
Maguro, Aji
Koizumi, Yuki
Hamasaki, Richard Marco
Matsushita, Sadao
Miocchi, Ao

( in order how he met I think >///<)


Kimura, Souji


Matrix, Arata

★Additional Info:
Phrases/Words he often use:
"Shut up!"
"Not your biz!"
"*sigh* Fine."

From Rp:

He can play the guitar

His favorite color is blue

He likes peach lube

asdfghjkl Rune's in :iconhappyskipplz: =u= ) / ~ ♥
Thank you very much ~ ♥
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Serinji Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So cute..and such a great personality:icondroolplz:
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Oohhh and congratulations on getting in, Mina!
myneea Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Nawww his past wasn't that bad...He has parents who love him lots ;v;
Rune: T///T

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honeysempailover Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013   Digital Artist
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myneea Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Rune: T//T ok.

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